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Rise Psychological Services LLC

 Clinical and Forensic Psychology 


Rise Psychological Services, LLC is a private clinical and forensic practice specializing in psychological assessment and therapy in Miami, Florida. Dr. Lina Haji is committed to offering the best in comprehensive assessments and individualized treatment for adults in the South Florida area.


Lina Haji, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Dr. Lina Haji is a licensed clinical psychologist and licensed mental health counselor specializing in psychodiagnostic assessment, forensic assessment, dual diagnosis, serious and persistent mental illness, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and substance abuse treatment. 

Dr. Haji completed a master’s degree in forensic psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Albizu University, and a doctorate in clinical psychology with a forensic emphasis from Albizu University. Her training includes inpatient and outpatient settings, private forensic practice, and an APA accredited pre-doctoral internship. She was trained at the master’s and doctoral level in the assessment and treatment of individuals ranging from mild psychiatric symptoms to those with serious and persistent mental illness, dually diagnosed patients, as well as personality disordered patients and psychopathy. 

Her clinical experience over the last 20 years includes working with mentally ill and dually diagnosed adults in inpatient and outpatient settings including correctional facilities, substance abuse rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics, psychiatric hospitals and private practice in four states, NY, NJ, CA, and FL. In addition, she has supervised master’s level clinicians, post-doctoral residents, and served as clinical director for a 500-patient maximum-security correctional facility. Her ultimate goal as a psychologist, regardless of population, is to accurately diagnose and identify patient strengths and areas for growth in order to better individualize treatment needs and goals. 

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Rise Psychological Solutions is proud to offer telehealth services via our secure HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform. Telehealth can be a helpful alternative for individuals who experience the following barriers to treatment:


  • Childcare and/or general scheduling conflicts

  • Access difficulties

  • Transportation-related barriers

  • Lack of providers due to remote geographical region

  • Immunosuppressed individuals

  • Individuals concerned about Covid-19 exposure



Dr. Haji provides psychological assessment services for individuals wishing to gain a better understanding of their neuropsychological, emotional, and behavioral functioning. Too often, individuals are misdiagnosed which leads to ineffective, time-consuming, and costly treatment. At Rise, Dr. Haji’s primary goal is to conduct psychological assessments that provide diagnostic clarification regarding Bipolar Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Depressive Disorders, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disorders, Personality Disorders and Substance Use Disorders. In addition, psychological assessments can also serve as an exploratory tool for examining an individual’s personality, style of coping, and cognitive strengths and areas for growth.

*Some assessments are possible to complete via telehealth/ our secure online platform. Please reach out for more information.


Rise offers forensic evaluations including Competency to Stand Trial, Sex Offender Evaluations, Malingering Evaluations, Psychopathy Evaluations, Juvenile Evaluations, and Probation and Parole Evaluations. Dr. Haji has worked in nine correctional facilities in four states, including serving as clinical director for a 500-bed close management maximum security prison, has facilitated treatment for clients recently released from prison and/or on probation, and has conducted numerous forensic evaluations. In addition, she is certified as an Expert Witness in the state of Florida.

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Dr. Haji is a licensed mental health counselor as well as a licensed psychologist. In those roles, she has experience supervising master’s level clinician’s, pre-doctoral, and post-doctoral residents at multiple levels and can provide guidance and training on a range of topics.


Mental Health Counselors require one hour a week of supervision and pre-licensed psychologists require two hours a week for licensure in the state of Florida. Dr. Haji is prepared to provide effective and individualized supervision to those pursuing licensure in the state of Florida. Supervision can be conducted in person or via telehealth depending on state requirements.

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