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What type of clinical assessments does Rise offer?


Diagnostic Psychological Evaluations


Cognitive Assessment including Intelligence and Memory Testing


Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluations


Learning Disability Assessment – adults (e.g., accommodations for college students)


Personality Assessment


General Psychopathology Assessment


Neuropsychological Screening


Dementia Screening


ADHD Evaluations


Vocational Interest Screening



What type of forensic evaluations does Rise offer?  


Sex Offender Evaluations


Competency to Stand Trial (Adults and Juveniles)

Juvenile Psychological Evaluations

Not Guilty By Reason Insanity (NGRI)


Malingering Evaluations


Violence Risk Assessments


Psychopathy Evaluations


Probations and Parole Evaluations


Custody Evaluations

Fitness for Duty/Return To Work 

Sworn and Non-Sworn Assessments

SWAT evaluations

Incapacity Determinations (Examining Committee) 



 What type of qualifications and certifications does Dr. Haji have in forensic psychology?



Dr. Haji has worked in nine prisons and two forensic hospitals over the course of the last 20 years across 4 states. She has conducted an array of forensic assessments both in and out of custody including sex offender evaluations, malingering evaluations, competency to stand trial evaluations, violence risk assessments, psychopathy evaluations, probation and parole evaluations, as well as custody evaluations. In addition, Dr. Haji is a certified forensic examiner/expert witness in the state of Florida.



 What style of therapy does Dr. Haji provide?


Dr. Haji is trained in multiple theoretical orientations. Her emphasis is in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). She is also trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Dr. Haji has conducted group and individual evidence-based therapy with a diverse clientele for approximately 20 years.



 Does Rise accept insurance?


Rise does not accept insurance. However, we are happy to provide a "superbill" for reimbursement. We often find that insurance demands restrict the opportunity for flexible and tailored clinical care. Since Rise is out of network, we can determine treatment length, frequency, and relevant diagnoses and recommendations without limitations.

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